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  • Dr Nicola Lowth

The First Step

Sarah had always struggled with her weight. For as long as she can remember she has been on a diet of some sort. When she was 10 years old her mother took her to her first Weight Watchers' clinic. She still remembers standing there while the ‘experts’ told her that she needed to lose weight and learn about calories and restriction. From this point onwards Sarah had lost trust in her body, felt like she was not enough, that she needed to change her shape to fit in, to be a better person.

In November 2020, 40 years since that Weight Watchers encounter, Sarah is diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. She has been through 3 pregnancies, is trying to juggle a family, a part time job and other life stresses. She feels completely overwhelmed by nutrition information and is desperately confused as to how to move forward. She visits her GP who weighs her and tells her she needs to lose at least 40 kilograms and to take some diabetes medication.

The panic sets in.

Desperation as to what to do, how to get out of this mess. She is thinking about food constantly, is never satisfied, can be really “good” with her eating for a while but then it all becomes too much, and she binges on sweet foods. For a moment or two they do fill her with joy but later the guilt sets in and the cycle continues. She feels like she is totally out of control of her body.

Sarah knows that she needs to do something to improve her health. But what? She calls a good friend who suggests that “perhaps chatting to a nutrition professional is a good idea,” “someone who is well up to date with nutrition research”.

Sarah dives in, makes an appointment and visits my clinic.

We chat about where she is at, perform metabolic testing and talk about the journey from here. The long, slow, curious, consistent journey to improving her health.

We talk about what is working for her currently and what is not.

We talk about the link between hormones, metabolism, and diabetes and how her body can get through this, she can reverse this condition.

We talk about the journey she has been on to get to this point, and she identifies the need to take a different approach.

We talk about exploring how her body responds to foods with an element of curiosity.

We talk about bringing attention to the rules that she has around food, not to change them or push them away but just to be aware of how often they cloud her thoughts.

We talk about exploring her hunger and looking at how this can change throughout the day.

At the end of our lengthy conversation Sarah stood up from her chair, took in a huge breath of air and said to me “thank you I feel so much lighter already, I have never thought about my body in this way before, I have never acknowledged that it Is doing anything well”.

For Sarah this was the start of a long journey to regain trust in her body.

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