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Initial Consultation

(45 minutes/$220)

The aim of this initial meeting is to understand the reasons behind your visit. We spend time discussing your health goals, your health and medical history as well as your current nutrition knowledge. Taking the time to understand your individual journey is paramount to making sustainable lifestyle changes. 


Metabolic testing can be performed as part of this initial appointment. Please read the section below on Metabolic Testing to find out more specific information about how this is performed. Optimising metabolic health (energy production) is the initial focus as this is so vital for overall health. 


 In the initial appointment Nicola will spend time discussing your metabolic test results as well as body composition report (if indicated) and how these results relate to nutrition. In most cases a follow up session will then be scheduled approximately 1 week later to discuss the appropriate dietary approach in more detail.

These consultations are claimable from most private health funds.

Follow-up Consultations

(30 minutes,$150)

The number of follow up sessions required varies a lot depending on your personal goals, baseline metabolic profile as well as how much support you feel you need to reach these goals.  At a minimum we recommend 1 follow up appointment following on from the initial session. Nicola can discuss a plan for follow up in your first appointment.

These consultations are also claimable from most private health funds.



Metabolic Testing

($50 as part of a consultation)

Nicola has access to gold standard metabolism testing equipment and 13 years ago was the first dietitian in Perth to utilise this testing in a clinic setting. Since then Nicola has performed over a thousand tests of clients metabolic function, using diet and lifestyle modification to improve energy and vitality.

The testing that we use is called ECAL which is the worlds first portable indirect calorimeter. The test itself is a very simple 5 minute breathing test at rest where you will be asked to relax and breath into a mouthpiece with a nose clip on.  This gold standard technology has been designed for easy use in a Nutrition and Dietetic clinic setting and can give an immediate insight into metabolic function.

There are a number of health impacts from having poor metabolic function including Type 2 diabetes,  non alcoholic fatty liver disease, increasing waist circumference, poor sleep as well as feeling low in energy and vitality. Doing an ECAL test gives some insight into how your metabolism is working, we can then discuss some ways to work on optimising metabolic function through a number of diet and lifestyle interventions.

Metabolism testing can only be performed as part of a consultation and is used as part of the follow up treatment plan to assess progress.

Body Composition Analysis

(free as part of a consultation)

In some cases, as part of the nutrition assessment, we utilise gold standard Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis to accurately determine body composition. The technology (Biody Coach) is a really simple, non invasive test that delivers extremely high quality, accuracy and precision. This information can be useful to assess muscle/fat ratio as well as bone mineral composition.

Gut Microbiome Testing

(varies depending on testing required)

Your gut microbiome has the potential to significantly impact your overall health both physical and mental. Understanding your gut microbiome can provide important insights to better inform diet and lifestyle interventions. 

We utilise complete microbiome mapping which uses very complex DNA analysis to determine the health of the gut microbiome from a single stool test.  The testing provides the following information:

  • Investigating the presence of any particular microbes (pathogens, fungi, yeast, parasites) that may be causing disease or microbial imbalance

  • Markers of gut inflammation

  • Levels of beneficial bacteria

  • Zonulin – a marker of intestinal permeability


All of this information is really useful in determining the best management strategy including diet and supplements to support your gut microbiome.

Metabolic Testing
Body Compositon Analysis
Gut Microbime Testing
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