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Current Opportunities

Experienced Dietitian

Due to our consistent growth, we are currently seeking a qualified Dietitian to join our team. This role is ideal for a professional who is committed to making a significant impact in the field of dietetics and patient health.

Position Requirements:

  • Dedicated to Positive Change: We seek an individual whose primary motivation is to effect positive change in the lives of our clients. This role is more than a job; it's an opportunity to fulfill a meaningful purpose.

  • Innovative and Knowledgeable: The ideal candidate will be enthusiastic about staying current with advancements in nutrition science and applying this knowledge practically to benefit our clients.

  • Skilled in Client Relations: Proficiency in creating a secure, non-judgmental space for clients of all ages is essential. The ability to develop personalized nutrition strategies that align with individual client needs is a key aspect of this role.

  • Committed to Learning: We value continuous professional development. The candidate should be interested in utilizing advanced testing techniques to enhance their practice. Comprehensive training will be provided to ensure proficiency in these areas.

  • Effective in Building Rapport: It is crucial that the candidate possesses a natural empathy and the ability to effortlessly establish rapport with clients, ensuring meaningful and effective interactions.


We offer a collaborative work environment where innovation, empathy, and a deep connection with clients are highly valued. This is an opportunity to join a team dedicated to setting high standards in nutrition support and patient care.

If you are looking to contribute significantly to a leading dietetic clinic, we invite you to email us at so that we can discuss this opportunity with you.

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