• Dr Nicola Lowth

Can you just write me out a meal plan?

This is a question I am regularly asked in clinic, very often from the most motivated of clients who are pumped and ready to make a difference to their health. My typical response to these clients is this:

“Has anyone ever written you a meal plan before? Tell me about this process?”

Nine times out of ten the response is:

“Oh yes, I have followed many diet plans in the past.”

It is at this point that I invite the eager client sitting in front of me to truly reflect on that process:

“How long did the plan ‘work’ for you? Did you learn anything about your body in the process?”

And then finally the question…” Are you ready to try something different?”

The journey to food freedom and a positive relationship with food and body is not an easy one, particularly in our body image obsessed society. After 15 years of working alongside clients in clinic I can honestly say that the answer does not lie in a prescriptive meal plan. Let’s face it, these are everywhere, and anyone can write you one.

The answer lies in the innate wisdom in each of our bodies; having the strength to trust that is where true change comes.

My role is to guide and empower clients to really find out about their body, what works and what doesn’t, what feels right and what is challenging. This is certainly not a quick fix but a slow, steady journey to food freedom.

When I hear a client say to me:

“It feels so good to not be thinking about food and questioning myself all the time”

I know that we have reached a critical turning point, and this brings me so much joy.

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