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Healthy family seeing the best dietitian in Perth

Welcome to Nutrition IQ

Healthy Living the Smart Way

We are a small private nutrition clinic in Perth WA utilising gold standard testing in metabolism, hormones and gut microbiome to support clients on their journey to better health.  Our Founder, Dr Nicola Lowth, is a Dietitian and Clinical Nutritionist in Perth who specialises in metabolic and hormonal health.  Nicola pioneered the use of metabolic testing in a clinic setting over 12 years ago and since then has supported hundreds of clients to improve their energy, feel more confident in their food choices, balance their hormones and ultimately feel in charge of their own health.


Nicola also works with athletes from a range of sports utilising a metabolic focus and data-driven approach to understand individual requirements and optimise performance.

Areas of Expertise

Metabolic Health, Type 2 Diabetes, Sports Nutrition, PCOS, Thyroid Conditions, Pre and Post-Natal Nutrition, Gut Health, Weight Concerns, Perimenopause and Menopause, Low Bone Density (Osteoporosis and Osteopenia), Disordered Eating and Binge Eating Disorder, Child and Adolescent Health, Nutrition Support during GLP1 use (i.e. Ozempic).

At Nutrition IQ, our Perth Dietitians take a holistic approach to nutrition and overall well-being. Our aim is to empower you with the knowledge and support you need to make informed and intentional choices about your food and lifestyle. We prioritise understanding your body's unique needs, guiding you on a long-term journey to better health through individualised nutrition and lifestyle plans. Our empathetic, compassionate, and professional team supports you through the ups and downs of your journey, helping you make sustainable behaviour changes. We help you cut through the noise of conflicting nutrition information, providing evidence-based guidance relevant to your circumstances. With a focus on shaping your health for the future, we encourage mindfulness and self-care to help you make conscious choices that align with your health goals.


Contact Us

We would love to hear from you! Our friendly team is always happy to receive enquiries and answer any questions you may have. Our office is conveniently located on the corner of Kings Park Road and Ventnor Avenue in West Perth, with easy access by bus to and from the CBD.

Suite 16, 44 Kings Park Road


Tel:   (08) 9467 2228
Fax:  (08) 6270 4460

Thanks for contacting us!

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