Dr Nicola Lowth is the founder of Nutrition IQ and has more than a decade of experience in the nutrition, fitness, health and wellbeing industry. Nicola ethos is using a whole food approach to help people to achieve their health, wellness and performance goals. 


Nicola is a specialist in the area of metabolic health and using a low carbohydrate approach to improving health outcomes.  As a pioneer of the use of metabolic testing in a clinic setting, Nicola has had hundreds of clients use this approach to successfully create a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

Being an ex-open national level swimmer as well as competing in several endurance events including the Rottnest Channel Swim solo, Nicola understands the demands of heavy training and the importance of a good nutrition plan. 

Since becoming a mother to three small children, Nicola is also passionate about assisting women to optimise their health and wellness prior to and during pregnancy as well as during the postnatal period. She is also a strong advocate for simple minimalist living and has started to blog about her family's journey.  You can follow her adventures at simplyfive.blog.



Matt is equally passionate about health and wellness.  As a state-level representative in athletics and triathlon as a junior, Matt has continued competing in endurance sports for the past 20 years.

An accountant by trade, Matt looks after all of the back-end operations of Nutrition IQ.  He finds what most of us think as boring as a challenge to conquer.   You will often hear his voice on the other end of the phone if you call for an appointment or just need some more information about our services.

Matt is also focussed on developing our corporate health side of the business.