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Your initial consultation

The aim of this initial meeting is to understand the reasons behind your visit. We spend time discussing your health goals, your health and medical history as well as your current nutrition knowledge. Taking the time to understand your individual journey is paramount to making sustainable lifestyle changes. We therefore designate one hour to this initial session.


Metabolic testing is performed as part of this initial appointment. Please read the section of the website titled “Metabolic testing” to find out more specific information about how this is performed. The results from this testing are available immediately and are used to guide our discussion on the best nutrition plan for your body at this time. 


Optimising metabolic health is the focus for the first part of the journey. We discuss specific dietary changes to support this.


Follow-up consultations 


Follow-up sessions are scheduled on a needs basis and very dependent on the results of your initial metabolic profile as well as the support you feel you need. Regular follow-up, particularly in the early stages of this journey, generally result in greater long-term success. We understand that behaviour change is a difficult process and are here to support you along this often-challenging path.  


Our long-term aim for clients is that they begin to feel calm, confident and relaxed about making food choices to support their bodies. Making intentional choices and deeply trusting that your body knows just what it needs at any time is empowering and for many people can be life changing.