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We are all designed to be burning fat as the fuel source to provide energy. If we are reliant on glucose for fuel,  this can lead to weight gain, difficulty losing weight, constant hunger as well as a craving for sweet foods. Long term issues include Type 2 diabetes which is a consequence of poor metabolic functioning. Metabolic testing gives us the information we need to determine whether an individual is fat burning and to what extent. This information can then be used to design specific nutrition programs to improve health.  Metabolic tests can be performed during a consultation with one of our Dietitians. 

What does the testing involve?

The test itself is a very simple 5 minute breathing test where you will be asked to relax and breath normally into a mouthpiece

What information does this test give?

In the clinic we use a machine called ECAL which uses indirect calorimetry to determine the following:

1) Your requirement for energy at rest in calories, we can then compare this to the normal range

2) How efficient your body is at using fat to create energy

3) How efficient your cells are at creating and using energy

The testing allows us to individualise the nutrition advice we give and determine what types of foods are best suited to your current metabolic state. 

Repeat testing is done as part of all follow up sessions to determine whether dietary changes have resulted in change to your metabolism. 

At the end of 2017 the testing was featured on channel 7 news and Nicola was briefly interviewed. Follow the link below to watch the short clip.